Semi-dedicated hosting assests

In regard to raw server power, Linux semi-dedicated hosting are very similar to dedicated servers. With a semi–dedicated server, you’re basically sharing a very powerful server with only a few other users. Thus, you get access to almost the same amount of system resources you would get with a dedicated server, but at a much lower price, as well as the opportunity to manage them just like you manage a regular hosting account.

You will not be granted root access to your semi–dedicated server and won’t have the opportunity to select a web hosting Control Panel or a server OS, but you will take full advantage of lms WEBS’s advanced website hosting system offering a superb stability.

A website hosting system

Our cloud hosting platform is the basis of all the semi–dedicated server configurations that we’re offering. This will give your server a fabulous stability of performance and you won’t need to worry that you are sharing a server with a few other users.

Besides, our cloud hosting platform allows for a really quick and easy migration from a website hosting package to a semi–dedicated server. Simply click on the Upgrade button and we will take care of the move for you within minutes. Plus, you can switch between our semi–dedicated server packages with a click of the mouse.

Our website hosting plans come with the point & click Hepsia Control Panel, so you will be able to manage your server via a user–friendly interface, which offers a collection of website setup tools and free–of–cost bonuses.

User–friendly and uncomplicated Web Hosting Control Panel

lms WEBS’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting are based on lms WEBS’s in–house developed cloud hosting platform and thus come with our custom point–and–click Web Hosting Control Panel, which is included for free with every semi–dedicated server package.

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel is amazingly simple to work with and you can complete different site administration procedures – for instance, you can apply file permissions or create an instance of Memcached with one single click of the mouse. Owing to its simplified user interface, you can easily switch between the different Control Panel sections without needing to return to the main page each and every time.

You do not need to worry about server administration procedures too. Our techs will perform all server surveillance and maintenance tasks for you, so you can concentrate on your web sites only.

Loads of zero cost additional bonuses

In the web hosting Control Panel you’ll find a host of charge–free tools and bonuses that will allow you to launch and promote your sites with a simple click of the mouse and make the most of your server’s capabilities.

With custom–developed web site setup tools like our 1–click Web Apps and our automated Point And Click Site Installer, you can build your new weblog, forum or online photo gallery with one simple mouse click. Additionally, the included Web Applications will help you make a new sitemap or add RSS feeds to your web site. And thanks to the elaborate web analytics statistics, you’ll be kept updated on your web site’s online activity in real time.

And to help you give your sites a significant speed boost, we have incorporated a selection of Site Accelerators in the Control Panel. With Varnish and Memcached, you’ll be able to cache inbound queries and make your sites lightning–fast.

Guaranteed protection

Your semi–dedicated server will offer the highest degree of safety and security for your ever–demanding sites and web applications.

The software architecture around which lms WEBS’s website hosting system is built, draws upon SELinux – a security–enhanced version of the Linux OS. Our sysadmins have also made custom modifications to make everything work even better. This way, your server will ensure a stable and risk–free web hosting environment for your web sites.

In addition, all our Linux semi-dedicated hosting can be ordered in our highly secure data centers, which maintain a number of anti–DoS devices and guarantees a secure and safe internal network.