Extensively tested hosting server hardware components

All the components of our server configurations have been carefully chosen in an effort to create a solid hosting platform that will be able to meet your increasing hosting necessities.

The majority of hosting distributors offer Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting that feature the latest hardware solutions. Yet, experience has proven that brand–new hardware that has not been extensively tested has more glitches and bugs. What is more, it offers limited software support.

Since we want your Linux dedicated servers hosting to be dependable for as long as possible, we are dedicated to implementing the best hardware, not the latest.

Total root server access rights

A dedicated server is intended to serve your business needs 24x7. With full root access to the physical machine, you can take full advantage of the dedicated server’s features. You can set up new applications, change the Apache server’s configuration specs and even set up a new OS.

If you need help administering your dedicated server, you can touch base with lms WEBS’s client support staff whenever you want. Plus, you can get professional help from our admins by ordering our Optional Managed Services package.

Web Hosting Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

We offer a selection of web hosting Control Panels with your dedicated server, so you can easily get absolute control over your sites. At signup, you can pick between the cPanel Control Panel ($30/a month), the DirectAdmin Control Panel (free) and our custom–built Web Hosting Control Panel, which is included at no charge with your server.

The Web Hosting Control Panel offers you a simple–to–use interface and an array of website accelerators to speed up your web sites. With cPanel, you will get a recognizable interface for administering your websites and also the WHM software as a bonus. The next web hosting Control Panel option, DirectAdmin, features different free–of–cost modules, which will help you transform your server into a game server or a mail server.

Each hosting Control Panel needs a particular Linux version. DirectAdmin and cPanel require CentOS to function, whereas our Web Hosting Control Panel needs Debian. You can pick your Linux distribution on the order page.

Optional Managed Services

If you require help administering your dedicated server, you can take advantage of lms WEBS’s Optional Managed Services package.

It includes different server management procedures that are performed by our highly professional system administrators. These procedures include weekly Operating System updates, software installations, backups, etc.

Also, your dedicated server will be included in our ultramodern server monitoring platform, which will permit us to pinpoint the slightest disruptions in its operation.

24/7 client support service

With lms WEBS, you can forget about having to wait for hours and hours for the customer service team to reply to your inquiry. We reply within 60 minutes – it’s guaranteed. And our average technical support ticket response time is less than 20 minutes!

And our 24x7 support staff consists of technical support engineers with many years of work experience behind their backs. Moreover, they frequently attend training courses to improve their knowledge. When you ask lms WEBS’s support staff a question, you know you’re in the right hands.